Why buy things @ SgLadder?
  • -Easier for the ladies/elderly for bulky items shopping within a few clicks away
  • -Avoid injury/sweating/hassle for carrying heavy/bulky stuff from shop to doorstep
  • -Trouble squeezing into public transport even into a taxi with your bulky items
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    Corporate Purchasing
    Purchasers from Corporations are welcome. You may add to cart via My shopping cart and check out by selecting action to Send me this quotation via email to get an official quotation emailed to you which suit to your corporate procedures.
    How to Get Quotation?
    Payment Must be Made Before Delivery
    Buyer need to make payment via Paynow/Transfer the full amount first before any delivery/collection is made. For those purchase amount more than $2000, buyer need to pay 50% of the total price first before delivery/collection is made.
    Delivery Order Conditions
    Online Order takes 1 to 3 working day to process. If your order is urgent, please call us directly for alternative arrangements. All Delivery will be made on Mon-Fri 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Sat to Sun 10am to 10pm.
    About SgLadder.com
    It is a 1-stop ladder provider which provide residential,commercial and industrial ladders with free delivery to homes and places nationwide in Singapore. Our products sold here are protected by lemon law which give consumer 6 months warranty against defects. For enquires, you may call/sms to 9759-9095 or 9008-8801 or email to

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